Construction & flooring

Construction & flooring


Setting New Standards

In places like hospitals and food processing plants, hygiene is paramount. Epoxy coatings shine in these challenging environments, enabling the use of powerful cleaning agents for spotless cleanliness. Their resistance to abrasion and wear ensures longevity, perfect for high-traffic spaces.

Architects appreciate epoxy technology for its versatility, turning floors into canvases to welcome visitors with captivating designs. From Olympic sport-halls to shopping centres, epoxies add a creative edge.

A Flooring Revolution

Regarding flooring, epoxies are the superheroes of the construction world, accounting for a staggering 30% of all epoxy sales in Europe![1] These dynamic coatings are pivotal in delivering high-quality, visually stunning, hygienic floors that meet the most demanding standards.

Economic Wins

Epoxy resin coating for flooring substantially reduces the need for replacement and repair and maintenance costs. Unlike other types of flooring, epoxy-coated floors stand the test of time. They’re chemical- and leak-resistant, reducing repair and maintenance costs. Not to mention, seamless surfaces and heightened resistance to potent cleaners make upkeep much simpler!

A Greener Solution

Epoxy flooring requires less labour and produces minimal waste during installation, cleaning, and recoating. By reducing flooring waste by 20%, Europe could save up to €70 million in waste handling costs yearly![1] Epoxy floors also result in fewer disposals and conserve valuable resources.

By reducing flooring waste by 20%, Europe could save up to €70 million in waste handling costs yearly!

Safety First

Epoxy floors prevent slips and falls, making them an ally for safety. Such accidents primarily cause work-related injuries, costing Europe nearly €7 billion![2] Adopting epoxy-based flooring can reduce accidents by 30%, saving Europeans €100 million.[1] With safer environments, productivity soars, absenteeism plummets, and healthcare costs diminish.

Savings category Reduction assumptions Savings €m
Investments, maintenance and repair costs €3.30 per m2 125
Reduced flooring waste 20% 70
Falling incidence savings 30% 100


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