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11 Jun 2021

2021 is the European year of rail


In the EU, rail is responsible for less than 0.5% of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions. This makes it one of the most sustainable forms of passenger and freight transport. Despite these advantages, only about 7% of passengers and 11% of goods travel by rail. The European Year of Rail, an European Commission initiative, will create momentum to help increase rail's share of passenger and freight transport. This will cut the greenhouse gas emissions and pollution coming from EU transport significantly, making a huge contribution to the EU's efforts under the European Green Deal.

Epoxy resin systems for rail components reduce the weight of trains. Reduced weight lowers initial inertia, allowing higher speeds to be achieved quickly and efficiently. This also has the potential to reduce track load, decrease wear and lower trackside maintenance costs. Epoxy-based composites also prevent the fire spreading and build an insulation layer by foaming and forming a carbonic char. In addition to their intumescent function, they provide excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion protection and enhance thus the durability of railway equipment.

Epoxy resins are key to achieving the Commission's vision for rail development and its objectives of a climate neutral Europe .

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