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Image by: Forschungszentrum Informatik

In 2019, there are robots to make your calls and your bed, do the vacuuming, mow your lawn and most importantly grill your bratwurst. While we wait for service robots to become affordable for the middle-income household, companies continue to churn them out for new applications. In 2020, the latest robot to hit the tarmac will be the Obodroid SR1, which was presented at the 2019 Techsauce Global Summit in Bangkok.

Image by: Obodroid Corporation Limited

Thai robotics company, Obodroid, has created a security robot, the SR1, as alternatives to human car park guards and surveillance cameras. While the 1.35m high robot will not help you to carry your groceries to the car while making small talk, it will also not need to take regular breaks.

The security robot was designed for the real estate sector. Obodroid is working together with Cobra, a composite producer to produce the SR1 whose shell is made of epoxy composite laminate and glass fibre. This ensures that the cladding is made from both a lightweight and cost-effective material. Epoxy resins are also used to laminate the robot’s stitched multiaxial reinforcements and are then cured under vacuum bag consolidation.

The robot’s artificial intelligence features detect objects like suitcases that might be left behind in the car park. They can also detect and remember other potentially important details like human faces and license plates.

Currently, these security robots are being tested in Bangkok at Whizdom Avenue Ratchada, a housing development that plans to also add robot butlers and automatic parking in the future. Domestic automatisation is proving that it will help to alleviate the burden of repetitive everyday tasks. Just imagine, you will never have to remember where you parked your car again.

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Image by: Obodroid Corporation Limited