Epoxy Europe joins the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) to work towards delivering on the EU Green Deal

Brussels, 10 May 2021 – Epoxy Europe, formerly the Epoxy Resins Committee, joins Cefic as a Specialty Chemicals Sector Group to continue building on their existing industry commitment to further enable the achievement of EU Green Deal objectives. Commenting this announcement, René Hunziker, Chairman of Epoxy Europe said:

“As Epoxy Europe, we work to be a solution provider for a society in transition. Many fundamental technologies of the European Green Deal rely on epoxy resins. They are for example indispensable in wind, solar, and hydropower production. As an industry, we are committed to support Europe’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2050. We are fully aligned with Cefic’s conviction that the Green Deal can only be achieved through a strong industry commitment and are very excited to be a part of the Cefic team.”

Whilst joining Cefic the group has also changed its name: “It was very important for us to reflect our European nature as well as our commitment to European climate objectives, and we wanted it to be immediately visible, starting with our name. Rebranding to ‘Epoxy Europe’ reflects that”, remarked Hunziker.

Marc Vermeulen, Specialty Chemicals Executive Director at Cefic: “We are happy to welcome Epoxy Europe as a new sector group. The role of epoxy resins is indeed indispensable for the Green Deal: Whether it is chemistry for solar panels, wind turbines, building insulation or the huge variety of other solutions we provide, our European chemical industry can excel and thrive in delivering its innovation-led contributions to the Green Deal.”


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