Application of the month

The holiday season has begun. This Christmas get creative with decorations and gifts with epoxy resins.

The versatility of epoxies makes them a great choice for creating different types of artwork, crafts and jewellery, making them a popular medium for artists and hobbyists alike.

Epoxies offer endless possibilities to play with colours, shapes, and sizes. Christmas tree decorations and ornaments made from epoxy resins are lightweight which means branches on the tree don’t drag down from the weight of the decorations. You can also make jewellery from epoxy resins for a unique and memorable gifting option.  Read more about how to make jewellery from epoxy resins here.

There are a plethora of exciting videos available online on how to make your own Christmas decorations from epoxy resins. No matter how easy it may seem, always remember to strictly follow the safety guidelines when working with epoxies.  If you decide to embark on the adventure, please read our safety measures guide carefully.