Unbreakable bonds: How epoxy resins make everything more durable and visually appealing around us

Although most of us may not be aware of their omnipresence, epoxy resins are uniquely versatile resin material used in many different industry and professional applications. Interior design and furnishings have majorly benefited from the introduction of epoxy technology since it provides almost limitless design choices for flooring, tile grouting, bathroom painting, and furniture enhancements.


Epoxy flooring withstands heavy footfall traffic while its shiny, high-gloss texture brightens up interiors significantly. Maintaining and cleaning epoxy flooring is easy. Epoxies are highly resistant to dents, scratches, chlorine, and other detergents such as bleaches and daily cleaners. Pathogens and bacteria don’t like to grow on epoxy floors… which is good news! This is why it is used so widely in hospitals. The combination with vinyl chips/quartz enables the production of exciting terrazzo flooring patterns.  

An you can get really creative too! There are amazing new 3D floors epoxy flooring applications that do just that. Many malls, apartments, hotels, and some residential buildings use epoxy 3D flooring to enhance the creative element of their interior design. 3D flooring requires precise installation which starts with a layer of self-levelling epoxy primer which is followed by the desired epoxy flooring image. Subsequently, a two-component epoxy resin system at a prescribed thickness is applied to give the perfect visual depth for the 3D effect! Finally, a thin layer of protective varnish is applied to protect its long-term beauty.

Bathroom wall and floor coatings

Epoxy paints for waterproofing bathroom walls are the most durable paints for floors and walls. As with epoxy floor coatings, they offer unlimited design freedom but require thorough surface preparation before application. Since wet epoxy floors can become very slippery, integration of small quartz particles is recommended to provide a secure stance while being wet. 2-K epoxy bathroom coatings will boast longevity and high chemical resistance to detergents and cleaners without suffering from blemishes.

River table and kitchen countertops

Epoxies provide an extremely luxurious look to river tables and kitchen countertops. They can also be applied as retrofit coatings to existing worn-out tabletops and countertops as well which scores a point or two in the sustainability category by reducing resource consumption. Tabletop coatings provide a highly durable, high-gloss finish which is chemically, heat, and water-resistant. Given the toughness of epoxy coatings, surface finishes are easy to maintain and long lasting.

Epoxies provide a unique synthesis of durability and visual appeal enhancing our daily lives just that little bit more while the longevity of epoxy coatings reduces resource consumption, making our preferred design solutions more sustainable.